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17 January 2020 @ 04:21 pm


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21 February 2015 @ 02:47 pm
I'm rereading my old fics and maaaan, do I miss writing. RP is fun, but doesn't compare, not to mention people who are worth writing with are disappearing faster than you can say RP. Real life takes them away. Mostly. Or drama. I fucking hate drama. That still doesn't make me want to stop the only writing outlet of mine these days. But... I still want to write things on my own. I know it's not really helpful to keep saying want want want and not to do anything about it. But I'm afraid no matter how much I want it, it won't really happen. Soon leaving for JP, there'll be nothing but work and then lives and finally people I miss so much on my days off. And the writing I am thinking about over there... if I should do any... is perhaps a little more carreer oriented.

About two weeks ago I was asked to write an article about Japanese suicides for an online magazine of a certain German institute in Prague. Apparently, one of the professors from my uni in Czech Republic recommended me as they knew what the topic of my BA thesis was. I wasn't really sure about whether I should write it or not, but I accepted anyway. Not for the money, but for the opportunity. I keep thinking, yes, I'd like to do this, to write about things I like and I know about. In the end, I managed to make the deadline and even got praised by the publisher lady who contacted me, although personally I hated the article. I had to cut the amount of words considerably from the original piece I wrote. I'm still in the academic mode I suppose and it's easy to forget that general public doesn't care about too much detail and also likes sensational view of things. For that reason, I could never be satisfied because I crave facts and accuracy. I suppose it's all that drill about quotation and possibility of copyright infringement if we don't cite properly that makes me a little paranoid too. Again, writing like this... is different. It's just habits that always always always die hard. The publisher lady told me to let her know if I have ideas for more articles. I think I'm going to tell her I'm moving to Tokyo and depending on the topic the magazine chooses for the particular month, I might be able to write something, perhaps even more contemporary. I am also thinking about starting a blog where I write about Japan. Write about Japan after I actually think properly what I am going to write about. Maybe in Slovak. So one day I can link a magazine or newspapers back home to it and say, look, this is where I live now, what interests me, what I think might be interesting for other people, and they'll say oh, okay, we like this, do it for us. I don't know. There is tht kind of writing too, right? It only makes me go crazy, that's not such a big toll.

On the other note, I might not be done with the kind of writing I am used to do. School. School. AWAYS AND FOREVER. There is still a possibility of me going back to school. I don't care about the degrees anymore. I sworn I would never go back. EVER AGAIN... EVER!!! I hate uni. I hate writing papers. I hate deadlines and stress and I hate being judged for the lack of my ability to think logically aka get my point across. You know... I got ideas, but if people don't understand them, they're pretty much useless. But... I like it there. I like reading, I like researching, I like knowing, and in the end I like using what I know. Either to help other people to know or just you know.... useless knowledge has been the greatest luxury of humankind since the second half of 20th century. Why not to use it? You can know and ... just know. Then I do agree with what Stuart, one of the protagonists of my fave show ever, Sirens, once said, there is a power in knowledge. I don't particularly feel any need for power or great success or anything like that, but... it feels good to know things other people might not. Perhaps I'm somewhat of an elitist when it comes to this.

Anyway, I don't even know where this entry was supposed to go. It's actually a perfect example of the way I write, I think. Such a stream of consciousness. No logic. Haha. Writing. I suppose at least that's one common theme here.

How is everyone? I am not really expecting an answer, since lol who's even still on lj? Well, always wishing for revivlas that will never come. 
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I found this rather interesting. Also cute. I especially liked how incredibly reasonable the second, couple, the boys were. They were incredibly aware of their surroundings - the first thing that came to my mind as they mentioned the train was: "Ah, well, true Japanese, aren´t they? They wanna keep wa (harmony) around them, don´t they." Also I agree with what they later say about Japanese men looking gay to foreigners when in reality most of them are straight and those who are gay look much more manly (WHICH OMG PLEASE YES WHERE IS IT? HERE IT IS! : "masculinity has to be a special challenge for gay men because we are attracted to other men; and so the question of what makes a man and how I can be the thing that I desire is a central question about who we are as people." @one documentary on homosexuality). Of course, everyone has a different taste, it´s the same way with any couple, no matter whether straight or gay or whatever, but I do believe that essentially, men are attracted to men because of these particular traits (not only physical) that are stereotypically assigned to this gender, thus EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE!!!!

Anyway, it has subtitles as well, so switch them on and watch.

29 March 2013 @ 10:26 am
So Aoi just tweeted and.... I think it´s a good thing he was the first to bring the news, because he is the one who can deal with all the fans that will go batshit crazy after this... Well, not that the Gaze fandom is not slightly mad in general. AHAHAHA

In other words, The Gazette are going on a "World Tour"....

9/6  Jose Cuervo Salon@Mexico City(MEXICO)
9/8  Teatro Caupolican@Santiago(CHILE)
9/11 Teatro Vorterix@Buenos Aires(ARGENTINA)
9/14 A Seringueira@Sao Paulo(BRAZIL)
9/20 Le Trianon@Paris(FRANCE)
9/22 Le Phare@Toulouse(FRANCE)
9/25 FZW@Dortmund(GERMANY)
9/27 Muffathalle@Munich(GERMANY)
9/29 The Circus@Helsinki(FINLAND)

Ok, so I´m actually laughing here because.. really??!! It´s 7 countries so far (and I´m not quite sure whether they plan on adding something more), but... Well, all the places they´re going to are just fine. I´m more laughing about those places that are not in the list. Those one´d expect to see there in the first place. Like UK (ok, I do admit I´m a bit sad about that one because if I was there at the time I could go, but on the other hand I´ve seen them so many times that I really am not allowed to whine about this)... the second´d be US after all...

Oh, oh, speaking of overseas tours.... Deathgaze are coming to Europe too. And it´s funny because they are coming for 14 days barely and they still managed to cram a nice amount of countries into their schedule. Forever amused at the fact they are attending a rock festival in Czech Republic too. That one time when I go off to Japan, they come here. But it´s all good, I´m actually super happy some of my friends get to see them. More times even, since they play also in Poland and Austria and it´s all super close to here. Just kickass! And I still get to see them in Nagoya at the end of July, so whatever pfffft.

In any case, this is my recommendation!  Go see my Deathgaze babies if you can because their lives are unforgettable and the music is awesome! Reason enough!

2013年07月04日(木) Hradec Kralove(Czech Republicチェコ共和国)
2013年07月06日(土) La Boule noire(Paris, France パリ・フランス)
2013年07月07日(日) the Underworld(London, UKロンドン・イギリス)
2013年07月09日(火) Werkstatt(Cologne, Germanyケルン・ドイツ )
2013年07月10日(水) Knust(Hamburg, Germanyハンブルグ・ドイツ)
2013年07月12日(金) Firlej(Wroclaw, Polandオストラヴァ・ポーランド)
2013年07月13日(土) Szene Wien(Wien, Austriaウィーン・オーストリア)
2013年07月15日(月) Feierwerk(Munich, Germanyミュンヘン・ドイツ)
2013年07月17日(水) Plan B(Moscow, Russiaモスクワ・ロシア )